WIFI LED Controller

In 2017, HVP Aqua introduced the WIFI LED Controller to the market. This 8-channel controller is the only one of its kind and fully developed by HVP Aqua themselves. The WIFI LED can be fully controlled using an app (IOS/Android).

WIFI LED Controller


The 8-channel WIFI LED Controller by HVP Aqua has unique properties and features. You can find several of these below:

  • Completely programmable light schedule. You can set times for turning the lights on and percentages for their intensity.
  • The controller is completely plug & play with the HVP Aqua lights, but is also compatible with other brands (PWM 12V/24V).
  • You can set light schedules per day (a different schedule for Monday than for Tuesday etc.).
  • You can set light schedules per date (a different schedule for January than for February etc.).
  • The controller has the ability to connect two power sources.

HVP Aqua WIFI LED Controller


The WIFI LED Controller by HVP Aqua works using an app (IOS/Android) on your phone or tablet. The app has several features.

  • Timer mode: you can set a schedule for your lighting here. The controller will run the set schedule daily.
  • Live mode: you can control your lights live here. This way, you can view your desired light intensity and colors before creating a schedule.
  • Intern mode: you can find preprogrammed modes here like lightning or all channels gradually. These modes must be turned on or off independently.

8 channel WIFI LED controllerPlug & Play LED controller WIFI8 kanaals WIFI LED controller

You can find a tutorial about the controller here:  manual
The controller’s app can be found here: app

Should you have any questions about the controller, you can ask them here: contact