The HVP AQUA RetroLINE Aquarium LED is a unique combination of atmosphere, plant growth and fish wellbeing.

The RetroLINE is suitable for

freshwater aquariums and provides convenience and simplicity. Additionally, the possible combinations are endless and the type of LEDs provide the desired amount of light and a maximum conservation of energy. The lights are also highly sustainable. The lights come with a two-year warranty.

  • Extra conservation of energy
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Available in ten lengths (438mm -> 1450mm)
  • Available in two colors (Daylight and RGB)
  • Standard T5 assemblage
  • Rimless and T8 assemblage (optional)
  • 2-year warranty


RetroLINE Daylight
The RetroLINE Daylight variant combines two variations of white: 7,000 K (daylight) and 4,000 K (warm white). This combination provides a fancy white-colored light.

The average conservation of energy in regards to T5 lighting is 74%. Every Daylight light replaces one T5 light.

RETROLINE daylight

Every LED in the RGB variant of the RetroLINE Aquarium LED consists of three smaller LEDs: Red, Green and Blue. Together, these three colors provide the color white. However, the LEDS can also be set independently. This enables a unique color combination, completely customized.

It’s very simple to set the lights in combination with a HVP AQUA controller. This enables, among others, the simulation of day and night. The conservation of energy in regards to T5 is an impressive 68%.


Dimensions of RetroLINE Aquarium LED

The HVP Aqua RetroLINE Aquarium LED lights are available in ten different lengths which allow the replacement of all TL lights 1 on 1. The RetroLINE RTE is available in the following lengths:

  • 438 MM
  • 550 MM
  • 590 MM
  • 742 MM
  • 850 MM
  • 895 MM
  • 1,047 MM
  • 1,150 MM
  • 1,200 MM
  • 1,450 MM

HVP Aqua retroline aquarium led spectrum


The lights are equipped with a waterproof layer of silicones and as such, are IP68 waterproof. Additionally, the lights come with a 6 and a half foot long connection cable which allows for easy connection of the lights under the aquarium. In regards to other manufacturers, our lights are more suitable for aquariums because they:

  • Provide more and better light;
  • Fit better (special dimensions);
  • Are made from the best materials;
  • Conserve extra energy;
  • Are competitively priced.

In short, HVP Aqua products are some of the best products currently available and all this for a very good price.

Should you have any questions about these LED lights, we’d love to hear them. You can contact us using the link below.