Characteristics Marine aquarium LED

For fans of marine aquariums, HVP Aqua offers a complete assortment of Power LED products. These products have been designed in collaboration with true experts, thus creating their current formula for success. The available colours are optimised for coral growth aquarium appeal. Our marine aquarium LED lamps are available in the following four colours:

  • White (20,000k)
  • Blue/White (ratio: 4 white to 1 blue, white 20,000k / blue 440-460Nm)
  • Blue (blue 440-460 Nm)
  • Blue/Red (ratio: 4 blue to 1 red, blue 440-460Nm / red 680-690Nm)

Marine aquarium LED

Various strengths

The marine LED bars are available in two wattages: 1 Watt and 2 Watts per LED. This makes the HVP Aqua LED bars exceptionally suitable for both SPS and LPS corals.

Zoutwaterled HVP Aqua bevestigen


The lamps are fitted with a waterproof silicone layer, which makes them IP68 waterproof. They also come with a two-metre-long power cable, which allows the lamps to be easily attached below beneath the aquarium. Our lamps, compared to those by other suppliers, are better suited to use in an aquarium because they:

  • Produce more and better light;
  • Fit better (special dimensioning);
  • Are produced using the best materials;
  • Are extra energy efficient;
  • Are very competitively priced.

The best price/quality ratio in salt water aquarium LEDs.

The LED lamps with HVP Aqua power LEDs stand out because they are fully dimmable (day and night settings possible). These lamps, as with all HVP Aqua lamps, are produced using only the very best components and are very competitively priced.