Company profile

HVP Aqua company profile. HVP Aqua is a young company, started by two “young professionals”. Because we have experience as customers looking for aquarium LED lighting, we know the market better than anyone. HVP Aqua was created using practical experience. Started in 2012, with the development of a good and reliable aquarium LED product for fresh water aquariums, we have since grown to become a well-known name in the world of aquarium materials.

HVP Aqua is currently active in multiple countries. With dealerships including those in Belgium, Latvia, Malta and Denmark, the HVP AQUA brand is well represented throughout Europe.

Company distinctiveness

  • Wide range of LED lighting for aquariums;
  • Young, practically-oriented company;
  • Owned production facility in Asia;
  • Dedicated team of technical engineers;
  • High-speed international distributors network (import and export);
  • The Netherlands’ most innovative aquarium LED lighting-partner;
  • 2-year warranty on LED lighting;

For partnering dealerships, we have various demonstration boards available. These let consumers experience the design and functionality of our lamps.

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