Our range

HVP Aqua offers LED lighting for aquariums (salt and freshwater). Our products are tailored to market demands, making them one of a kind. Before putting any of our products on the market, they are extensively tested by experts. Only after approval by our technical engineers and various storekeepers in The Netherlands and Belgium do we offer our products directly to end-users. One feature is that our lamps are fitted with a two-meter-long power cable and will fit any aquarium because of their unique dimensioning. Fitting our lamps is very easy.

The colours

HVP Aqua offers SMD LED and Power LED lighting in four colours. We offer the best affordable light dimming system for day/night simulation (including sunrise, sunset and night lighting) in Europe.

The advantages

The lamps are fitted with a waterproof silicone layer, which makes them IP68 waterproof. They also come with a two-metre-long power cable, which allows the lamps to be easily attached below beneath the aquarium. Our lamps, compared to those by other suppliers, are better suited to use in an aquarium because they:

  • Produce more and better light;
  • Fit better (special dimensioning);
  • Are produced using the best materials;
  • Are extra energy efficient;
  • Are very competitively priced.


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